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Social Selling

Sourcing new leads by finding common ground on LinkedIn

Many of your first customers will be friends, colleagues or folks that are otherwise pre-disposed to buy from you.  Because of this, you will inevitably run out of people you know who are qualified to buy what you are selling. So, what do you do when the warm leads run dry? The key to turning […]

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How do different companies buy? Introducing the prospect segmentation matrix

I’ve spent my career selling to companies of all sizes and as a buyer at very small and very large companies. This has helped me develop perspective on how the selling process works within companies of all types. Understanding the common ways that businesses of certain size or stage operate is helpful in thinking about how you […]

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Sell like a Hoosier: The “four pass rule” of social selling

In the movie Hoosiers Gene Hackman plays Norman Dale, the coach of an Indiana high school basketball team. He enforces a “four pass rule” where his players are explicitly required to, you guessed it, pass four times before they take a shot. Coach Dale shows just how serious he is about his rule in the scene […]

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How to approach Twitter & LinkedIn engagement strategy for better social selling

Twitter and LinkedIn both offer many opportunities for engagement with potential customers, influencers and partners. It is important to consider both how and when to engage with prospects on these platforms as well as exactly what happens when you engage. Engagements types on Twitter & LinkedIn The power of Twitter is that it is a completely public network. […]

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