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Probably not and maybe: The simple way to qualify long tail leads

Scoring SMB leads is tough. Enterprise lead scoring methods that are typically very data intensive don’t translate that well to the long-tail. It is better to focus on disqualifying obviously bad leads than trying to pick the best ones. I call this separating the “probably nots”, those that will likely not be qualified to buy […]

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Scale lead scoring to the long tail with modern firmographics

Traditional firmographics, like employee count and company revenues, are staples of enterprise lead scoring programs. This makes sense as these are clear indicators of value. If a company has lots of revenue and lots of employees then they likely have budgets to purchase your product or service. What about cases where you are attempting to prioritize […]

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Two alternatives to the Alexa top 1 million website list

My favorite type of lead enrichment data is: Insightful. Cheap (or free!) to access at scale. Available in bulk formats like CSV export or API. Consistently and reliably updated. Website popularity/rank is a great example of a piece of data that checks all these boxes. Comparing this data across prospects is a great way to quickly qualify […]

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Buried Treasure: Tokenizing email addresses for better lead segmentation

B2B lead generation programs are often centered around capturing an email address. It is common for marketers to segment email addresses based on domain for deliverability tracking. But, there is often deeper insight into lead type and quality to be derived from further interrogation of the components that make up an email address. An email […]

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