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Joe Fahrner

Probably not and maybe: The simple way to qualify long tail leads

Scoring SMB leads is tough. Enterprise lead scoring methods that are typically very data intensive don’t translate that well to the long-tail. It is better to focus on disqualifying obviously bad leads than trying to pick the best ones. I call this separating the “probably nots”, those that will likely not be qualified to buy […]

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Scale lead scoring to the long tail with modern firmographics

Traditional firmographics, like employee count and company revenues, are staples of enterprise lead scoring programs. This makes sense as these are clear indicators of value. If a company has lots of revenue and lots of employees then they likely have budgets to purchase your product or service. What about cases where you are attempting to prioritize […]

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Sourcing new leads by finding common ground on LinkedIn

Many of your first customers will be friends, colleagues or folks that are otherwise pre-disposed to buy from you.  Because of this, you will inevitably run out of people you know who are qualified to buy what you are selling. So, what do you do when the warm leads run dry? The key to turning […]

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Sales for startups: building sales confidence

Kicking off a new sales effort for a startup or new product line can be tough. It can be particularly daunting if you don’t have much sales experience as you may struggle with confidence or even figuring out how to sell your product or service. One common mistake is jumping right into trying to connect […]

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Considering generational cohort in B2B marketing & sales programs

Age is a critical demographic in B2C marketing but is it useful in the B2B context? Data clearly show that the various workplace generations buy differently. When you develop strategies for B2B lead generation and marketing programs, you should consider these differences. Differences in How Age Groups Buy There are three main age groups in the workplace. The oldest is […]

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How do different companies buy? Introducing the prospect segmentation matrix

I’ve spent my career selling to companies of all sizes and as a buyer at very small and very large companies. This has helped me develop perspective on how the selling process works within companies of all types. Understanding the common ways that businesses of certain size or stage operate is helpful in thinking about how you […]

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Sales for startups: the perfect startup CRM

When kicking of a new sales effort it can be tempting to dive right in to selecting and configuring a customer relationship management system. If you are an experience sales executive and know exactly what you want to accomplish with your CRM, then this is a great idea to get started early. But, if you […]

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Sell like a Hoosier: The “four pass rule” of social selling

In the movie Hoosiers Gene Hackman plays Norman Dale, the coach of an Indiana high school basketball team. He enforces a “four pass rule” where his players are explicitly required to, you guessed it, pass four times before they take a shot. Coach Dale shows just how serious he is about his rule in the scene […]

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